Updating motherboard driver

Those drivers are often more recent than the drivers you can download from the maker of your computer or motherboard. For most chipset drivers, you do not need to uninstall your old chipset drivers before installing the new ones.

The process of installation is usually quite simple. The cases where you need to uninstall first are noted in the table below.

The southbridge is a support chip which provides things like USB ports, network connections, and disk drive controllers.

Sometimes the northbridge and southbridge are built into one chip in which case it's still called a chipset even though there's only one chip.

Most chipset drivers come as a single unified software package which contains the various drivers for both chips.

You just install the chipset driver and it automatically takes care of setting up individual drivers for each of the devices in the chips.

CPU-Z has two versions: a version with an installer, and one in a zip file.

You can usually just ignore the name of your southbridge when it comes to installing your chipset drivers unless you have one of those rare motherboards which has one brand of northbridge and another brand of southbridge.

Or if you don't like installers and declining included software then just download the zip file and unzip it.

In the exceedingly rare cases where CPU-Z doesn't work you can try Sandra Lite. CPU-Z uses the term chipset rather than northbridge.

Once you have the name of your chipset, you have to find the right driver.

The best drivers you can get are the "latest and greatest" drivers which can be downloaded from the website of the manufacturer of your chipset.

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They just use the name of the northbridge (the main chip) and ignore the southbridge (the support chip).

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