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But Lansley said that statistics show that most fraudsters and criminals are better than most of us at lie detection — at about 65 percent — and all the rest are no better than chance.Though only a few are genetically predisposed to be good truth observers, the good news, Lansley said, is that most can be trained. Superheroes are often recognized by a distinguishing trait: Superhuman strength. Whistleblower Harry Markopolos, CFE, CFA, uncovered red flags in May 2000 that would eventually lead to the downfall of Bernie Madoff’s billion Ponzi scheme, the largest in U. “For more than eight years, he persisted.” Pedro Fabiano, CFE, founded the ACFE’s Argentina Chapter in 1996. Ratley shared the stories of heroes in the anti-fraud profession. “But, as his book is appropriately titled, no one would listen,” said Ratley.Walden, CFE, CPA, CITP, partner, Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services at EY, spoke on “Fraud Risk Management and COSO: What You Need to Know.” In 2016, COSO and the ACFE released the Fraud Risk Management Guide, a new research report that offers a blueprint for helping organizations establish an overall fraud risk management program.Tom Caulfield, CFE, CIG, CIGI, co-founder, Procurement Integrity Consulting Services, LLC, led the session, “Prevention and Detection of Purchasing, Procurement and Contract Fraud.” (Caulfield also teamed up with Sheryl Steckler, CIG, CIGI, president, Procurement Integrity Consulting Services, LLC, to co-present the breakout session, Conducting a Contract Fraud and Abuse Risk Examination.) During the Main Conference, attendees learned practical concepts at more than 70 educational sessions in 13 parallel tracks.

“The only thing that kept me out of jail,” Horowitz explained to Soltes, “was some good luck and an outstanding general counsel and the right organizational design.” Soltes explained to the attendees that “so often in business schools, in management programs ...Horowitz told Harvard business professor and fraud researcher, Eugene Soltes, the Tuesday morning General Session keynoter, for his 2016 book, “Why They Do It,” that his new CFO had reported “that her previous company’s practice of setting the stock option price at the low during the month it was granted yielded a far more favorable result for employees than ours.She also said that since it had been designed by the company’s outside legal counsel and approved by their auditors, it was fully compliant with the law.” However, before implementing the new plan, Horowitz discussed it with his general counsel, who told him, “I’ve gone over the law six times and there’s no way this practice is strictly within the bounds of the law.” Two years later, Horowitz’s CFO was implicated for incorrectly recording the date that she and other executives received their options during her previous job.“Today Pedro is one of the world’s foremost experts in international aspects of fraud investigations,” explained Ratley.“He leads a team of more than 85 people at a microfinance institution operating in more than 20 countries.” Cynthia Cooper, CFE, along with her team, uncovered the .8 billion World Com fraud in 2002. “Without regard to her own career or reputation as vice president of internal audit, she and her team worked in secrecy and often at night to document misdeeds at the highest levels in the company,” he explained.

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