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We discuss matching more at the end of this post, if you’re interested or nerdy. Since he’s a Pisces and I’m a Virgo, Chris and I of course think the Zodiac is total bullshit, and it was very gratifying to have the data bear this out.

Here are the grouped match percentages for a random pool of 500,000 users.

As I said in the beginning of this post, match percentage is an excellent predictor of how well two people who to get along with, and even who to get to know.

In online dating, we can measure this choice by looking at how often people reply to actual messages from people of the various races, and then contrast that rate with the underlying compatibilities.

Astrological sign has no effect whatsoever on how compatible two people are.

We’ll slice Ok Cupid’s data on compatibility by religion, race, and other factors, and by the end we’ll have some unsettling conclusions on how people match and interact online. All Ok Cupid users create their own matching algorithms, so when we determine who matches who, we’re just crunching the numbers people give us.

When we change our question from “What do you believe? ” we get a much more orderly color pattern, and we also unlock some of the mysteries of the previous table.

Below we plot people by their attitude about religion, as selected on their profile page.. While it’s true that the most serious women believers slightly prefer their men to not be “laughing about it”, every other slice of this data indicates that the less serious (or more flexible?

There are 144 pools considered above, and they all match the mean plus or minus 0.5%.

Our next table again aggregates the preferences of those 500,000 random users, but it shows stronger feelings.

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