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Arrested for murder twice, though acquitted once and the guilty ruling was overturned on appeal.

Had a marriage of convenience with Jason Morgan, in 2002, which was annulled when no longer necessary.

A seriously wounded Mac manages to squeeze off the fatal shot that ends Warren's life, just in time to save Kristina. Sophia was publicly named as Alexis' mother for the sake of propriety when Alexis was brought by Mikkos to live in the Cassadine household (when he asked Helena to help raise her after the murder of his mistress).

Mikkos was either unaware or chose to ignore that Helena already knew that Alexis was the daughter of Mikkos and his lover (who's throat she had slit.) The trauma of her mother's death caused Alexis to lose her memory and forget her true identity.

She starred in her first leading role playing the title character in the 2008 independent film Dakota Skye.

Boylan's television credits include roles on Baywatch, General Hospital, Judging Amy and a recurring role on the Lifetime original series Strong Medicine.

After discovering who his parents actually were he became obsessed with stalking the girls involved with his cousin Sage's death. Left at the alter twice (by Sonny, supposedly "for her own good", and years later by Jax).

Became involved with Miguel Morez when Sonny married Lily Rivera as part of a mob business deal.

In 2011, Boylan starred opposite Tom Selleck as a central character in the television movie Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost.

When last seen in Port Charles, Jax had left her at the altar because he learned from Carly that she had kissed Sonny (it was a good bye kiss but Jax felt he could not trust her not to go back to Sonny).

Broken-hearted, Brenda asked Jason to drive her to the airport and she flew away to live abroad, never to return again -- until now.. Became a bodyguard for Carly to protect her baby daughter, Josslyn.(Josh Wingate, 2010)An inmate at the prison Michael Corinthos III is sent to.

All The Time" and more recently portrayed a college girl named Melissa in the episode "Three Days of Snow" of the CBS show How I Met Your Mother.

Boylan currently plays a minor role on the ABC Family TV series Greek as the ditsy and often drunk sorority girl, Betsy.

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