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to me the only right answer (really) is a) index them or b) use a surrogate key -- you obviously don't have a primary key here! "not validated can affect the optimizer unless you set query rewrite integrity" How exactly does 'not validated' affect the optimizer? then the UK is not a UK -- look you are updating a thing that by your definition "dozens of columns point to". Yes, dozens of columns point to that UK, but I am talking about adding a new value to the UK by mistake or business changes their mind.Since this is a new value, apps havent started to use it yet, so even though the FK exists, in reality, no data really points to this new row.So far Tom's advice has saved me time, reinforced things that I thought I was doing right but I wasn't sure, and reminded me that guessing isn't the same thing as experimentation.Tom, you rock Tom, The Oracle 9i Database Administrator's Guide says "Enabling a constraint does not require validation." Is this statement correct?Can you please demonstrate what DISABLE VALIDATE means exactly? dozens of tables have a FK pointing to this small lookup table. To prevent the massive row-level locking that would happen if I just go ahead and update the lookup table, I disable and re-enable all the FK constraints.Re-enabling takes a very long time because it tries to 'enable validate' But because the constraint was 'enable validate' until now, I know that existing data is fine.

The 'enable novalidate' would still enforce the constraint on new rows added to the child tables, right?

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[email protected] alter table t enable novalidate constraint uniq_a; Table altered.

Or, you can create the constraint as normal, lose the index (which may be equally as desirable as keeping it depending on your circumstances of course) and create a NON-Unique index manually: [email protected] alter table t enable novalidate constraint uniq_a; alter table t enable novalidate constraint uniq_a * ERROR at line 1: ORA-02299: cannot validate (OPS$TKYTE.

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