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And certainly dont have the same work standards and qualifications as we do! There are Thousands of Migrants vehicles around the country. They By Law must register on Irish plates as soon as residency is taken up.

Buy yet Thousands of Migrants flout these laws and drive around without Road Tax, Insurance and no NCT.

And I didnt think that everyone unemployed were high skilled workers who were above so called jobs that Irish didnt want to do! This has put a massive strain on all aspects of mass migration such as, 1- More people on Social Housing waiting lists 2- More Strain on the Health service due to a higher rate of population including GPs, Dentists and Hospitals 3- Higher housing prices. They will even do a job at a lower rate of pay compared to there Irish colleagues. Irish workers on the other hand mostly have families and friends and want and need a life.

With the flood of migrants looking to rent many people have opted for a second home on a buy to let scheme. For years trade unions have fought to give us a better standard of living.

4- Stupid ideas such as Cheshire councils idea in the UK of putting road signs in Polish as well as English! 5- Thousands being spent on translation through literature and actual translators. More children from migrants attending Irish schools. With the increase in non-speaking students schools are being forced to have more special needs teachers to give migrant children more English teaching classes. The National average wage in Poland and Bulgaria is 2,000 per year!Sweden on the other hand is far north and non-English speaking.Official figures alone put the Polish population at over 300,000 in Ireland alone to date.Now call me silly but I certainly dont remember the mass amount of companies closing down because they simply couldn't find the staff.I certainly dont remember the unemployment figure being at 0!

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The recent Dublin Church of Ireland demonstration was found to have been taken part by a rapist who didnt want deporting!

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