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Mr Wiggett said: "These allegations are concerning and will be treated seriously.GMP has allotted considerable resources to Operation Clifton, and we are committed to investigate all the allegations as best we can."As part of Operation Clifton we have already interviewed a large number of people and still have numerous enquiries to undertake.Yet I’ve just watched a young man see off a bowlful with lip-smacking relish. The retired policeman - who has asked to remain anonymous - said he was called to a house in Stockport in 1988 following a complaint that the occupier had been committing a lewd act in his window.We are speaking to everyone no matter what status they have held or still hold to get to the truth."The former unnamed officer also claimed that his mentoring officer Don Mackintosh assaulted two force cadets.He also alleged that Mackintosh was tipped off about his impending arrest and was able to resign and keep his police pension."In the house was Cyril Smith and a police sergeant in civilian clothes. The old man was arrested and I took him to the main police station in Stockport." The pensioner allegedly had a record dating back to the 1960s for sex offences, but was only given a caution for the latest offence, the former officer said.The officer identified himself and showed his warrant card, saying he was there 'on other business'."There seemed to be a party going on, with two young lads there. The boys, aged about 14 to 15, were drunk."One was missing from a children's home. The retired bobby claims he was called into a meeting the next day by a senior officer and his mentoring officer, where he was warned he would break the Official Secrets Act if he spoke of what he saw.

A few spoonfuls and it comes as little surprise to read that they’re “also used in pigeon food and make a good carp bait”. Embroidered table cloths are still being whisked away when a party of boisterous elderly gents moves in.Soon they’re swapping yarns and banter over folded arms and brimming pints.In no uncertain terms I was told to say nothing at all."Mackintosh was my mentoring officer - in charge of all young bobbies. Assistant Chief Constable Ian Wiggett said that these fresh claims will now be examined by Operation Clifton, an investigation launched by Greater Manchester Police in July 2014.The probe is looking into how previous reports of child sexual abuse were handled or allegedly covered up.

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A colleague found his body at the station where he worked as a night crew manager at around am on Sunday morning.

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