Worst dating video ever cats

It's not long before you realise there is much more to the island, and its feline residents, than meets the eye.

You can check out the trailer, and it's insanely catchy theme song, below: Eurogamer caught up with the Bae Team at EGX and played the 20 minute demo of Purrfect Date.

As you can imagine, Bae Team is made up of cat lovers... Making sure the game was less sexual and more about intimacy was something which the team was very aware of.

"We didn't want it to be just beastiality", said Ruby May Roberts, writer for Bae Team.

But he was on the heavy side, his beard was a little too long, and his shoulders slumped forward slightly, as though he were protecting something. Or, if he did, he showed it only by stepping back, as though to make her lean toward him, try a little harder. Soon she noticed that when she texted him he usually texted her back right away, but if she took more than a few hours to respond his next message would always be short and wouldn’t include a question, so it was up to her to re-initiate the conversation, which she always did.Then, one night during reading period, she was complaining about how all the dining halls were closed and there was no food in her room because her roommate had raided her care package, and he offered to buy her some Red Vines to sustain her.At first, she deflected this with another joke, because she really did have to study, but he said, “No, I’m serious, stop fooling around and come now,” so she put a jacket over her pajamas and met him at the 7-Eleven. He greeted her without ceremony, as though he saw her every day, and took her inside to choose some snacks.After playing through some story establishment, the demo skips to a date with one of the aforementioned felines.There are six dateable cats in total: five available from the beginning and one secret cat.

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The store didn’t have Red Vines, so he bought her a Cherry Coke Slurpee and a bag of Doritos and a novelty lighter shaped like a frog with a cigarette in its mouth.“Thank you for my presents,” she said, when they were back outside.

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