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Al Qaeda-allied extremists now make up a growing segment of the rebel movement, and some groups are reportedly creating “safe havens” within Syria and Iraq, similar to those in Afghanistan in the late 1990s. For these reasons, Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts months ago to arm the rebels were watered down by the administration to such a small level that it has had little impact on the ground.The international community and Washington have let the Syrian conflict fester for so long that almost no good policy options remain.Views expressed in the comments do not represent those of Reuters. Let them spill over into all the Muslim countries and maybe they’ll realize how stupid there religious wars are.

We are already beginning to see the return of al Qaeda, which was on the ropes in 2008-9 and is now roaring back in both Iraq and Syria.Senator John Mc Cain (R-Ariz.) renewed his call for a no-fly zone.But does all this mean that the United States and the European Union will now follow a more assertive policy in Syria? For now, the Obama administration is still scrambling to walk back President Barack Obama’s vow from last year about any use of chemical weapons “changing the calculus.” The administration is not likely to become substantially forward-leaning in Syria — no matter what outside pressure is brought to bear.I think President Obama knows Iran’s nuclear ambitions will eventually require some degree of an American military intervention. There are no “good guys” to assist in Syria, so it’s bad guys killing bad guys and their families.It’s regrettable that the women and children are suffering in this but that is common in war and there is really very little the West can do to change the Syrian situation.

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