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Souls are damaged because the souls of 3.5 trillion aliens were banished to Earth by a warlord named Xenu.

The aliens, called thetans, were put into volcanoes and then destroyed by nuclear bombs.

Throughout the night, Patrice tossed and turned until about AM.

Then the father of two got out of bed, said “Don’t stop me; it’s the only way,” and jumped out the window of the family’s 12th-floor apartment. Eight years later, Mazier and 22 other members of the church were charged in connection with the death.

Patrice demanded to see Nelly’s pay stubs, and she refused.

This type of re-training would take years, but Quentin didn’t seem to care.

That night, Quentin disappeared from the Scientology compound in Clearwater, Florida.

Twelve others who were involved with the church were charged with theft, complicity, and abuse of confidence.

They were given suspended sentences that ranged from 8 to 15 months.

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