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However, an undercover investigation by BBC Panorama reveals how Scott tells investors he's at the top of the corporate structure of a housing development company called Sandnewco One Ltd, where 'he makes all the decisions'.

Describing its on-paper company director Alexander Duncan as a 'silent partner'.

Malcolm Scott, a former Treasurer of the Conservative Party in Scotland, was given a BRO in 2015 after he was found to have lied to his bankruptcy trustee.

The former multi-millionaire was found to have transferred shares, secretly sold a luxury car without declaring the proceeds, and failed to declare a speedboat and other assets in the Bahamas. Malcolm Scott was a multi-millionaire grain merchant.

One of the assets that they tried to claim back was Gillespie's £180k personalised registration plate, which he claimed he sold off to pay a gambling debt.

However, BBC Panorama's investigation found that the number plate in question was still on a Bentley, driven by Gillespie.

When BBC Panorama gave Alexander Duncan a right of reply regarding Sandnewco One Ltd he said that Malcolm Scott was 'an employee' of the business with 'no executive decision-making authority'.

Malcolm Scott was also given a right of reply and issued a response via his solicitor in which he denied he was a director of any company.

Although this is legal, he is also registered as the person who formed the company - which is illegal.One asset being sought by his bankruptcy trustee to pay debts was an exclusive private registration plate - GG1 - worth £180,000.Gillespie told the authorities he'd sold it to pay off a gambling debt.During the bankruptcy investigation, Scott didn't declare assets such as his speedboat, wine collection, fishing rights and assets in the Bahamas.He also claimed a break-in at his house, with some items later found being sold at auction.

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But just a few months ago the BBC filmed Gillespie, 60, at the plush Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire driving a new Bentley - complete with GG1 licence plate.

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