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Another revelation in BBC Panorama's investigation reveals that Scott lists himself as a person with significant control in a company called Northside Residential.Although this is legal, he is also registered as the person who formed the company - which is illegal.Among them is former boxing promoter and convicted fraudster Barry Hughes, who declared himself bankrupt in 2014 owing £10m and claiming he had no assets.Hughes, 39, was filmed by the BBC team along with his wife driving a line of luxury cars worth half a million pounds.Under the order, which can last for up to 15 years, a bankrupt is banned from being a company director.They also cannot form, manage - or even give the impression of managing - a limited company. More than 1,200 BROs have been imposed across the UK but Richard Dennis, Chief Executive of Scotland’s Accountancy in Bankruptcy (Ai B), admitted to BBC Panorama that no one is actively monitoring them.

When contacted, Hughes and Gillespie refused to provide a comment.

Malcolm Scott, a former Treasurer of the Conservative Party in Scotland, was given a BRO in 2015 after he was found to have lied to his bankruptcy trustee.

The former multi-millionaire was found to have transferred shares, secretly sold a luxury car without declaring the proceeds, and failed to declare a speedboat and other assets in the Bahamas. Malcolm Scott was a multi-millionaire grain merchant.

The programme also claims to have found Mr Scott had formed a property company called Northside Residential Ltd, another breach of his BRO.

Richard Dennis said: 'There is no positive monitoring of BROs.

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During the bankruptcy investigation, Scott didn't declare assets such as his speedboat, wine collection, fishing rights and assets in the Bahamas.

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