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You see, you attacked someone that belongs to our community and in doing so you attacked more than just one woman - you ultimately attacked our values and philosophy as a community.Whatever it is that motivates you to act this way, we encourage you to rewire your thinking, quickly. Small minded, sexist, shallow people aren’t welcome in a progressive society anymore, and in the end, only you will lose out."So when you look even the tiniest bit like her I'll consider meeting up with you but at the moment it's no way hosay, anyways sorry, YES of course I can make it." Naturally, Samantha shot back with a well-deserved: "I'm sorry but how f*****g dare you." Clearly riled, Michael replied: "How f*****g dare I? "But at the moment it's a no, sorry babe but mike pumper has to move on!Dear Michael, We got wind today that you criticized one of our users for her appearance."Things are getting better, our world is gaining harmony, and you will miss out on all of the incredible beauty that equality has to offer." Michael told The Tab that he and his friends were "highly intoxicated" and had decided to send messages on each other's Bumble accounts.He said: "They were mostly funny and harmless but in this case it was extremely rude, belittling and insulting.

And while we are at it, we'd like to give a shout out to all of the stand up, good men on our Bumble and in our lives.BUMBLE bosses have slammed a "sexist and small-minded" fat-shamer in a scathing open letter as they banned him from the dating app.Michael Blanchard's nasty messages to Samantha, 23, telling her he would only meet her if she "put a bit of effort in" at the gym were widely shared this week.In fairness, maybe you didn't know, but we hold people accountable for their actions.We care tremendously about our community and our users well being.

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She said that the messages from Michael, who added her on Facebook and Instagram after connecting on Bumble, had "ruined" her Christmas party that night.

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