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LOS ANGELES - Less than four months after the #Me Too movement inspired a national conversation about sexual misconduct and led to the downfall of dozens of powerful American men, a backlash seems to be underway.Women are divided among themselves, men are beginning to speak out, and words like 'revenge porn' and 'witch hunt' are turning up in opinion pieces and on social media.

actor Michael Douglas last week took the unusual step of denying a misconduct allegation before it was published, saying he “felt the need to get ahead of this.”Silverstein said the differing points of view are necessary conversations in the long-term goal for female equality and respect.“For anyone to think this is over, they are sorely mistaken. We need to buckle up and keep pushing forward,” she said.EWN is constantly reviewing its comments policy in order to create an environment conducive to constructive conversations. I was having my weekly torturous read of the Daily Fail website, yes, yes I know but it's kind of like a car crash, sometimes you can't help but look, a morbid fascination if you will.The general gistage is, she gave him a hand job a while back and when questioned by his friends if he's slip her one, he basically said, she's pretty but fat, maybe if I was drunk. I have indeed been many a man's dirty little secret, quite happy to get a blow job out of you, but would never take you out in public.Well of course I was naturally outraged, vile disgusting little man. Comes home with you after a night out whilst leaving his thin "public" girlfriend at home.

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But one unidentified woman’s account last weekend of a 2017 date with comedian Aziz Ansari that she said left her feeling violated, prompted fierce debate about whether sexual assault and bad sex were being conflated.

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