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The first component to consider is the database itself.It can be in any location visible to the computer on which In Design is installed; in other words, it can be on the same computer, on the local network, or on the Internet.

If you work with a database and In Design, why not allow them to interface directly?Since tabs are also commonly used as delimiters between columns, CSV is often the general designation for any text file containing a data set, even though this is technically inaccurate. Great for static layouts such as forms, certificates, business cards, name tags, mailers, etc.CSVs can be exported from most databases and spreadsheet applications. Created by applications such as MS Excel primarily for calculations and managing flat (2 dimensional) data sets, as well as generating charts and graphs. Please note that Data Merge does not create links to the original data source; it only imports the data. In Design is capable of mapping XML tags to paragraph and character styles, so that text can be imported into your document fully formatted.—– Over the years I’ve found that companies often have diverse (and sometimes quite unusual) workflows for getting information from databases into In Design.Many of these processes are so inefficient that they cost thousands of dollars per year more, in the long run, than either hiring a developer to create a custom XML export script or purchasing a database-to-In Design plugin. An often complex organization of data usually maintained by a database management system (DBMS) such as Oracle, Access, Filemaker, or My SQL. When placing a CSV you may want to convert the tab or comma separated text to a table.

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