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However, the way this data entered the public domain should raise some red flags.The group that generated this data is called the Coalition for Safer Food Packaging and Processing (CSFPP).If this group is so concerned about phthalates affecting human health, why wouldn’t they tell us which product was phthalate-free??? There is a process for publishing work like this – the peer review process – which assures that experts in the field have reviewed the data and the conclusions and that the methods and results were transparent.

They dumped it on their website with no analysis or assessment of risk.That’s not very much – it means that for every billion molecules in the mac and cheese, only 218 are phthalates. So let’s summarize like this: Eating an occasional box of mac and cheese carries almost no health risk.If your child eats mac and cheese several times a week for months on end, there is a very small chance the phthalates in there may adversely impact their development.They state that phthalates “threaten children’s health” and talk about birth defects and cancer without mentioning that the relationship of phthalates to these effects is still a subject of debate in the field.So the good folks at CSFPP took it upon themselves to test for phthalates in 10 different brands of mac and cheese (plus 20 other cheese products). This really shouldn’t be surprising (phthalates are in food), but it is still useful data, assuming the data was generated properly (they don’t say how these tests were run, which is a significant omission in a scientific report).

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