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However, road safety experts say it should more fittingly be dubbed 'the widow-maker' because of its mounting death toll.Today's report by the Road Safety Foundation said the A537 - which is popular with tourists, heavy goods vehicles and high-powered leisure motorcyclists - has severe bends, steep falls from the carriageway and is edged by dry-stone walls or rock face for almost all its length.Also, one in six does not wear a belt on short trips, while ten per cent of passengers have to be prompted to wear them by the driver.Three in five of those driving vehicles for work confessed to seatbelt offences, while, overall, motorists aged 18 to 34 were most likely to offend and those over 65 the least likely to do so.

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Road Safety Foundation director Dr Joanne Hill said: 'This year's report shows that not only can Britain reduce roads deaths and serious injuries but that, by targeting a relatively small mileage of high-risk roads, we can do so with good economic returns.'Too often we pay for emergency services, hospitals and care for the disabled rather than taking easy steps to put road design faults right.'She added: 'There are practical examples of how some authorities are slashing the toll of death and serious injury on high-risk stretches by as much as three-quarters.'These include simple, relatively inexpensive engineering measures, such as improvements to signage, resurfacing and the layout of signals at junctions.

Twenty-three per cent of young people have been involved in 'races' on public roads - either as a driver or passenger, a survey showed today.

And around the same number do not put them on when they are travelling as passengers, the poll by insurance company esure found.

Based on responses from 1,372 motorists, the survey also showed that five per cent have gone on entire journeys without buckling up.

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