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Examination of blood levels of inflammatory markers IL-6, TNFα, CRP and the traditional risk markers (cholesterol, LDL, HDL) followed for 68 years in men and women.

complement components (C3, factor B, factor D and properdin), mannose-binding lectin (MBL binds to mannose residues on the surface of bacteria , fungi and some viruses) are also acute phase proteins.

A fracture mechanics study is reported for two different types of carbon fiber reinforced carbon matrix composites, a short-fiber felt composite and a satin weave laminated-composite.

It is emphasized prior to discussing their fracture mechanisms that the first matrix cracking is the most important fracture process in these C/C composites.

Psoriasin (an anti-microbial protein) prevents colonization of skin by

• Human Defensins: Cationic peptide, 29-35 residues, with 6 invariant cysteines that form disulphide bonds stabilizing the peptide into a relatively rigid three dimensional structure.

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