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Indeed, the role of the media and the images presented therein may have little influence in this environment.

He purports that Romney (who has attempted to inoculate himself from questions concerning religion) supports what might be classified as “conservative multiculturalism and moral relativism”.

These are the work product of the professionals, managers and personnel exercising their right to “speak” about foreign policy, foreign cultures and tramontane peoples. Studies which examined thousands of photos, surveys which reviewed hours and hours of footage and research covering the role visual representations are presented here with the hopes that the reader may become more informed about the portrayal of Islam in the media and by photojournalists.

Indeed, the pictures supplied by the press may (or may not) influence our perception of Islam and the content herein attempts to present movies, photos and coverage which weighs in on such influence, whether in a detrimental manner or with advantageous results.

SOME HISTORY Images of Muhammad were frequent during the Ottoman Empire.

At that time, it was less of a taboo for imaging him, although many renderings left his face empty.

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