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More than 1,000 other cases were finalised in the courts at the same time, with repossession orders being granted to lenders for an additional 468 homes.

The new figures from the Central Bank show various banks in Ireland currently have 1,588 repossessed homes on their books they are awaiting to dispose of or sell off.

The research also found the ideal strawberries-to-cream weight ratio is or one tablespoon of single cream per two fresh medium-sized strawberries. The research found that strawberries shrink after two minutes 50 seconds of being covered in cream.

This week, June 1 to June 7, marks National Strawberry Week 2015 which is a week-long campaign to celebrate Ireland’s strawberry sector.

“We expect the Irish crop this year to total 5000t, in an industry that employs over 1,000 people,” he said.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland has launched a campaign to address the stigma that adversely affects thousands of people living with dementia and their carers often preventing individuals from seeking or sharing a diagnosis.

The company also launched its new 1Gbps service, which will use more than 90,000km of fibre optic cable to connect 66 communities with these speeds.

“By making high-speed broadband available to as many people as possible, today’s announcement also reduces the intervention footprint under the Government’s National Broadband Plan, thereby reducing the burden for the taxpayer at a time where there is enormous demands for Exchequer funding,” Moat said.

“The cold start to the year means the strawberry crop is a little later, but slow grown and sweeter than ever.

The Central Bank report also shows more than 100,000 homeowners remain in mortgage arrears in Ireland.

Of the 104,693 (nearly 14% of all mortgages) who are falling behind in their repayments, 74,395 were in arrears for over 90 days.

“Innovative arrangements such as split mortgages are only being offered in a small number of cases.

“There is a continuing need for a complete culture change on the part of the banks in how they deal with customers and an independent mortgage resolution process to ensure that fair treatment is given to families.” Sinn Fein finance spokesman Pearse Doherty said: “These figures never fail to shock.

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