Dating advice for graduate students

You must arrive at this decision independently for two reasons.First, if someone hands you a problem, you won’t feel that it is yours, you won’t have that possessiveness that makes you want to work on it, defend it, fight for it, and make it come out beautifully. It is your choice of a field in which to carry out a life’s work.While there are obviously no hard-and-fast rules for dating, try to fit building your social bonds into your busy schedule.

You are on your own, and you had better get used to it. If he persists, tell him to bug off, because you know what you’re doing, dammit.I recommend taking part in a recreational sporting league, available at most universities.In addition to fitting exercise into your schedule, you could be pleasantly surprised by who you’ll meet.Although at first blush having your partner by your side day and night may seem appealing, if things don’t work out as planned, remaining productive at school could prove to be a challenge.Even if you do make it as a couple, finding two jobs in the same division may be particularly difficult, especially given the current economic climate.

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It is also important to the dynamic of science that your entry be well thought out.

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