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MORE: Best Bridge Cameras CCD – Short for charged coupled device, a CCD is a sensor type that reads data in a way that avoids the stuttering or distorted look of fast motion in video that results on some cameras.CCD sensors were once the most common in digital cameras, but the affordability and higher quality of CMOS image sensors for still photography has allowed them to mostly replace CCD sensors.APS-C – Advanced Photo System-Classic is an image sensor roughly one-third to one-half the size of a 35mm frame of film, or full-frame image sensor.APS-C image sensors are used in most consumer-level DSLRs and in many mirrorless cameras.Chromatic aberration – Also known as "color fringing," this distortion appears when the camera lens fails to focus on all the colors where two points of high contrast meet (such as where the dark roof of a building meets the sky).Chromatic aberration appears as green or purple fringing at the point of contrast.

The smaller the aperture, the fewer of these off-angle light rays enter the lens, allowing more of the image to appear sharp.Contrast detection autofocus – This AF technology uses light sensors behind the lens, usually on the imaging chip itself, to measure when contrast is at its greatest point, which corresponds to maximum sharpness.It's generally slower than a rival technology, phase detection.Aperture priority – A mode (abbreviated AV) available on nearly all advanced and some point-and-shoot digital cameras that allows the user to set a specified aperture value (in f-stops).The camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed to achieve proper exposure for the selected aperture.

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They generally incorporate some advanced features — such as larger sensors, more powerful processors or sophisticated controls — but their lenses are not removable.

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