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Do you think we are dealing with institutional corruption that could harm the relationship between Tunisia and the West in general, at least on an economic level?

As I respond to your question…at the moment in the Tunisian interior, in Sidi Bouzid, there have been four days of protests – what the government of Tunisia calls “riots” or “social unrest”; and now I read that similar protests have begun in Kasserine and elsewhere.

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The releases are selective and therefore can be used to create a certain spin, a certain reality. State Department approved cables that have seen the light of day in the NY Times.

“The need for secrecy” essentially provides a veil for corporate and state crimes. S., there are voices in UK, especially at the Guardian have been critical of U. My first impression, which I have written and spoken about is that there was less there than meets the eye, ie, that they were not so interesting except for a few details here and there, that pretty much everything in the cables was certainly common knowledge to most Tunisians, and to those who, for various reasons, follow developments in Tunisia closely.

The kind of shallow jingo-istic hysteria which seems to be permeating the U. body politic at this moment is merely an excuse to take censorship here to yet another level. Most just gossip, ie, that Nesrine Ben Ali El Materi is “naive and clueless”, or that her husband Mohammed Sakia El Materi feeds his pet tiger in Hammamet four chickens a day (but are the chickens organic!

On Middle East policy – Israel-Palestine, Iran, Iraq – he basically follows U. I would guess the ambassador is “shopping around”, getting a feel for who within Tunisia’s ruling circles might cooperate with U. policy and if and when “the right moment” presents itself, that the U. would “encourage” one of a number of “candidates” for power.

And of course the French and probably the British and a number of other foreign embassies are doing precisely the same thing.

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In order to have an “American” perspective on the Tunileaks affair, Nawaat invited Rob Prince to share his thoughts on the leaked diplomatic cables from the US embassy in Tunisia.

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