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Nobody wants to be told they might not be able to get out of a bad marriage should that marriage end up being a bad one, no matter how little they wish to admit it.

And, they didn’t want to come out in favor of it, either, because that went against the Bible they liked to beat others over the head with.

I read an article the other day about a woman, for example, who was in a committed relationship with her partner.

She had lived with this woman as if they were married, they had shared a bed, and she had helped to care for her partner’s ailing parents, only to one day be told to get lost when her partner found another woman she’d rather be with. This is more of an example of why marriage equality needs to be legalized (this woman has no case for divorce court, nor probably any other court, although I believe she’s going to try for civil court for breach of verbal contract), or it might serve as an example of a lesbian marriage that would find grounds for divorce in a covenant marriage.

One thing that many who did not agree with that said was that divorce does worse for marriage than allowing same-sex marriage would.

Marriage counselors are often a great asset, but even this method does not work sometimes.However, not all such marriages include the type of grievances that are set aside in a covenant marriage as the only real grounds for divorce.This forces people to stay in marriages in which they are not happy and cannot find any possible way of getting along. Children who come from unhappy homes are probably worse off than children who come from a broken home. Arizona passed a covenant marriage law in 1998, Arkansas implemented a covenant marriage law in 2001, and Louisiana implemented a covenant marriage law in 1997.But, that’s not what I’m using it to illustrate, regardless of the fact that both of those assumptions are true. Religion shouldn’t force this, relatives shouldn’t force this, potential spouses shouldn’t force this, legal contracts shouldn’t force this, and people who abuse the laxness of divorce laws shouldn’t have bearing on this issue.It is proof that even same-sex marriages are not perfect, and while this is an extreme, I’m sure that some lesbian couples find themselves just falling out of love with each other, or just being unable to get along no matter how hard they try or what they do after so many years. And when this occurs, there should be an out where one doesn’t have to compromise their own morals or principles to do it, or be forced to live in a loveless marriage that after a while feels more like a jail sentence than anything. Staying married, once you get married, is important.

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