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Add it all up, and since the Great Recession, the industry has recovered fewer than half of those jobs"So, if we don't get those workers, housing costs ultimately are going to be higher," Dietz said, "and that's going to price out workers from being able to buy homes."The construction industry has tried raising wages.

Forms are merely a method of shadow boxing where the practitioner simulates a defense against more than one attacker.

The HELP WANTED signs are up, both figuratively and literally, in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

There's a lot of reconstruction to be done -- and not enough trained workers to do it.

Karate for Self Defense Karate is considered the ultimate in unarmed self defense because of the high degree of skill involved.

In Korea, the presidential Protective Forces are all trained in karate and several other nations are presently adopting the art into the training programs of their armed forces.

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