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Stuff To Take With You For your first track day, you don’t need to worry about taking along a bunch of tools beyond the basics plus a tire gauge and a portable compressor, but as your level of experience progresses, you will want to do more junk to the car at the track and will need some tools.For the first time, just take a folding lawn chair and a cooler full of water and other beverages (staying hydrated with water is very important, especially at hot tracks like Buttonwillow in California, where we did this story).Etiquette There are a few things you can do to be a bozo at the track, so make sure to attend the mandatory drivers’ meeting (and with some groups, a download meeting after each session to discuss what happened during the session) and listen to the instructions about where and when to pass, how to pass or point someone by, and what all the flags mean.When you’re on the track, make sure to use your rearview mirror.The weight distribution is within 25 pounds on each wheel with a total weight of 3,120 pounds, and with an LS3 and a six-speed, it was brutally fast around Buttonwillow.The flat-black ’67 Camaro behind it belongs to John Sevilla (Concord, California), the white ’69 is raced by Aaron Raymond (Los Angeles), and the orange ’69 Camaro of Gaetano Cosentino is an open track terror with an all-aluminum 427 small-block, an aluminum front clip, Global West suspension, and Baer brakes.You’ll be out there doing it the next time the track is open.What To Do Before You Go Driving your hot rod on a road course is hardest on the tires, brakes, and cooling system, so make sure those are in good shape.

It really doesn’t get any simpler than the way we did it, and afterward you couldn’t remove the smile from Jason’s face with Channellocks and mace.

It’s also a good idea to make sure all the lug nuts are tight and nothing’s leaking.

Set the tire pressures in the high-30-pound range, make sure your seatbelts or racing harnesses are in good shape and that you have an acceptable Snell-rated helmet (motorcycle helmets usually don’t fly), and wear long pants.

Drag racing is fun for sure, but for many people, the first experience they have running their car around a road-race course is life changing.

A 10-second drag car is a blast, but imagine driving that level of car around a real road course for 10 minutes.

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