Sccm 2016 distribution point not updating

While deploying Windows 10 1607 clients, these systems do not get updated by SCCM.We can see that the SCCM update deployment packages get updated with the new Windows 10 1607 updates but the clients do not install them.In this post, we’ll be updating a standalone Primary Site Server, consoles and clients.Before installing, check if your site is ready for the update: We’ve done numerous SCCM upgrades.I’m often setting up a site system (MP/DP/SUP) in a DMZ for internet based client management or for managing machines in the DMZ.

However, the site systems forest does not trust the forest the site server is in user based deployments are not supported.Downloading and installing this update is done entirely from the console.There’s no download link, the update will appear in your console once the Service Connection Point is synchronized.Complete the upgrade of each site before you begin to upgrade the next site.Until all sites in your hierarchy are upgraded, your hierarchy operates in a mixed version mode.

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You can skip all previous versions and install SCCM 1702 directly which contains all 1602, 16 fixes and features.

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