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This occurred in July 2017; this is not February 2018 and still no resolution.

That’s like saying we’ll pay for the parts to fix your car but not the labor! If this is not resolved in my next phone call, I will seek an attorney. Reply To whom this matter may concern; I was involved in an accident on 12-24-17 in a CVS parking lot in which the other party was backing out of a parking space as I was in the process of turning into a parking space from the center lane between parking on both sides of the center lane.

The 16 year old driver of the other vehicle involved begged me not to contact the police however, I thought otherwise.

Several days went by and I contacted Geico again for a status update and was informed that the claims adjuster was having problems contacting the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident.

I asked my adjuster was this a conflict of interest being that Geico was insuring both of the party’s vehicles.

Despite the word “government” in its name, GEICO is and has always been a private corporation.

Goodwin’s original aim to sell to government employees reflected his belief that they were less risky as insurance customers than the general public. GEICO began selling insurance policies to the general public in 1974 under the leadership of David Lloyd Kreeger.

and his wife Lillian to provide auto insurance directly to government employees.What kind of BULLS**T y’all think people will tolerate!!!Very freak’n dissatisfied with the way you conduct business!!!When the officer arrived we both gave our versions of what happen.The 16 year old stated ” that she was backing up and did not see me and so forth until making contact with my vehicle.” I contacted Geico and filed a claim and couldn’t help but to notice that the other party’s vehicle was insured by Geico as well.

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