How to handle an intimidating woman

There is the financial trail of the money that was paid out over the years.

So the combination of that and not being sure of their—not being sure of people’s experiences, it’s just not— Let me rephrase that.Kantor and her colleague Megan Twohey first published a massive account of Weinstein’s long history of sexual harassment and assault.She and Rachel Abrams then followed it up this week with more accounts of harassment by Weinstein from Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, and others.But on the other hand, there is something really unfair in sexual harassment reporting. and we wanted it to be irrefutable, because a lot of these things happened in the privacy of a hotel room, and we didn’t want a story that could be easily knocked down by Weinstein coming back and saying, “Hey, I was the only person there, and I am telling you that nothing happened, and that’s definitive.” We wanted other forms of proof about what happened, or I should say, the allegations.In the course of reporting the story, some of the alleged victims would say to me, “How come it’s my job to address this? Is your sense that you were able to get further on this story than other journalists, you and your colleagues and Ronan Farrow, because there has been a change in the air culturally, or that, as a friend suggested, maybe women were willing to come forward because the stories about President Trump led to a feeling that this was an especially important time that these stories be told?

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