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For experienced players like myself, we end up seeing how the story would end midway, and get bored with the game quickly.I was even able to realize the background factors of the “Fairytale Land” quite early on in the story. Sexual Content: Moderately Low Comments: Quite unfortunately, one of the more annoying factors of this game was the small cutscenes.I was hoping some theme of “nostalgia” within the music, but I didn’t see much of it. Yes, this is a cute game, but otherwise, it gets pretty off-track and even annoying in some areas.If you’re not a hardcore loli maniac, you would get tired of this game very quickly. ) Producers: Unisonshift: Accent Release Date: October 26, 2012 VNDB Link: Game Type: Nukige Novel Summary: Hiroaki is a college student, who is very intelligent with his anime, games, figurines, doujinshi… He is called “sensei” by his peers, on the online chat that he hosts, because he gives them so much advice on anime and such.

Taking a glimpse at the goblin, he looks like a boy. Just now, my chastity was protected by his appearance, and I narrowly escaped from being violated. I want to be snuggled by mother’s chest ……I miss mother’s scent……I want to be spoiled even if she gets mad at me….. It’s just like reading a slight porno book that’s trying to be funny about ecchi stuff.I don’t make jokes about stuff like this: you will be sent into a coma from how cute this game is, unless you brace yourself for it.One of my friends said that this game was an “…upgraded version of Wanko to Kurasou…”, and she was certainly correct; I found myself charmed to the bone with this game, that contained the most adorable characters that I’ve ever seen.This hurt both the character design rating and the story rating quite a bit. Whenever Yuki would come from or go to the Fairytale Land, or whenever Aurora transforms into a cat from a human and vice versa.For these, you just need to hold the skip button, but that got annoying after a while too.

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Since then, he’s been having strange dreams where someone continuously calls out to him.

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