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The state covers an area of 191,976 square kilometres (74,122 sq mi), or 5.83 percent of the total geographical area of India. With 61,130,704 inhabitants at the 2011 census, Karnataka is the eighth largest state by population, comprising 30 districts.Kannada, one of the classical languages of India, is the most widely spoken and official language of the state alongside Konkani, Tulu, and Sanskrit.By the late 19th century, the independence movement had gained momentum; Karnad Sadashiva Rao, Aluru Venkata Raya, S.Nijalingappa, Kengal Hanumanthaiah, Nittoor Srinivasa Rau and others carried on the struggle into the early 20th century.

The empire rose as a bulwark against Muslim advances into South India, which it completely controlled for over two centuries.

Originally known as the State of Mysore, it was renamed Karnataka in 1973. The capital and largest city is Bangalore (Bengaluru).

Karnataka is bordered by the Arabian Sea to the west, Goa to the northwest, Maharashtra to the north, Telangana to the northeast, Andhra Pradesh to the east, Tamil Nadu to the southeast, and Kerala to the south.

The Western Chalukyas patronised a unique style of architecture and Kannada literature which became a precursor to the Hoysala art of the 12th century.

At the turn of the first millennium, the Hoysalas gained power in the region.

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Other uprisings followed, such as the ones at Supa, Bagalkot, Shorapur, Nargund and Dandeli.

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