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Anton Yelchin died aged 27 on June 19, 2016 after he was pinned between his Jeep Grand Cherokee and a brick pillar outside his Los Angeles home.He played Pavel Chekov in three Star Trek films and 2016's Star Trek Beyond was dedicated to him.You will be deeply missed'Steuer was the first actor to play the Alexander, a child Klingon who was the son of The Next Generation regular Worf. He earned three Emmy Awards for the role, meaning he could land almost any television or movie role he wanted.His first appearance in the show was in the 1990 episode of the show, Reunion. But Nimoy's ambivalence to the role was reflected in the titles of his two autobiographies, 'I Am Not Spock' (1975) and 'I Am Spock' (1995).

Lola idolizes the band’s lead singer Stu Wolff (Adam Garcia).

He's in and you're out'.'A week or two later, they called me to do this role of Stonn, who was a Vulcan.

'It all boiled down to the fact that Leonard and I looked alike to a great extent.

Fiat Chrysler, which made the Jeep, extended sympathies to Yelchin's family in a statement following his death.

The actor's vehicle was subject to a recall because the gear shifters have confused drivers, causing the vehicles to roll away unexpectedly.

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He's a former major leaguer nicknamed "Nails" and an ex-con hustler who made (and lost) millions, but none of that could have prepared Dykstra for his friendship with the wild-man actor, who he alleges is a dangerous criminal about to be taken down by the Feds.

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