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Most of the links seem to be with the same characters, but much of the contents of the links are different because of the player character’s opposite sex.Yukari’s link is a good example of this: while she’s initially a little removed from the hero, she’s much more open towards the heroine from the very beginning.With a girl to meet just about anyone’s preferences, is the story of high school student Kazuma (controlled by the player) and his girlfriend Yukari.One day, while they’re out on a date, Kazuma dozes off for a moment.It’s because he’s somehow the captain of the track and field team, in a school where literally every student can fly.Of course, not all girls go for guys with the slender build of a bird.

So maybe don’t bother reading this unless you have.As for whether their looks are quite as impressive, here’s half-French, half-Japanese Sakuya: and kind-hearted Ryota, who passes on joining any clubs at school to work part-time to help his family make ends meet: Yes, all of the students at Saint Pigeonation Academy are pigeons ( in Japanese).And not even shapeshifters or mutants or anything like that. Perhaps the most baffling member of the cast is Kosan, not because his great ambition in life is to find some really good pudding.After all, Yukari used to be human, so maybe it’s really not that weird. Observers of games with borderline bestiality may be reminded of 2011’s Hatoful Boyfriend.Hatoful Boyfriend is what they call an game in Japan, meaning that it’s a dating sim for girls, where the main character is romanced by a group of dreamy guys.

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