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I'll be resubmitting this version (probably 1.2) in a week or two.

It all looks very simple; you get the location from the GPS, you pull the correct RSS feed for the location, stick pins in a map for the result.

The RSS feed gives the fuel station locations as street addresses but I need longitude and latitudes for them so I can stick pins in the map or calculate the distance between the user and the station.The purpose of this post is so that I will have a link to give people when they ask: how do I write an i OS application that pulls data from an RSS feed, displays it pretty and can put things on a map.I'll show you all of that and more as I rewrite my oldest i OS application from scratch: Fuel View.You may not use the icons or application name in your own programs.The previous version of Fuel View (1.1.10 is available for free from the i Tunes App Store in Australia.

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