Tips on dating a dj exposed dating show

Forget the fact he had no cash left over to take you on dates.

The guy was working so often and could barely make his monthly payments, you could forget any time left to spend with you.

Shan is a prolific author and teacher, it is great that he also offers readers a glimpse into his personal life and marriage and it excites us that so many others will get to witness his genuine love for his wife and family – just as we have had the honour to witness this. Dr Shan could not have written a better book at a more crucial time in our society.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge in Dating Readiness What Nobody’s Told You!

Backed by over 30 years of research, this method has helped over 4 million couples (see

Sure you are going to do some events for free here and there but educate yourself on what gigs are , which usually includes networking with people that have budgets.

We know that many people are going to be touched by this book and relationships changed for the better.” is a Pastor, and a certified Executive Coach (University of Cape Town) and Relationship Coach (Prepare/Enrich) his coaching company LONGEVITY is geared towards helping Singles, Dating, Courting, or Marriage couples build stable and satisfying relationships.

His coaching process offers the world’s first online scientific assessment tool by Prepare/Enrich.

This isn’t meant to discourage you from dj’ing, so much as getting into it for the wrong reasons.

The “wrong reasons” for one person can be completely different for the next but I am talking about people that have no interest in the artform nor business side.

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