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Naturally, among his dalliances were a plethora of professionals, among them Skittles and La Belle Otero.His first semi-official mistress was Lillie Langtry, whom we discussed in May; today I’ll introduce you to the last (and longest-lasting) lady to hold that position, from three years before his coronation until the day he died.delivered the mother of all episodes last night (November 2), and fans are still reeling from the shock death of one of its classic, beloved characters.We never thought we'd see the day that Karen would be able to show genuine emotion, but it happened after her maid, the legendary Rosie, was killed off.Alice had developed genuine feelings for Edward over the past 12 years; furthermore, she was by this time 42 and had become a bit plump, so she was no longer able to function as a courtesan.

Nor was he a weak cuckold sitting alone at home while his wife wandered; he also had many affairs, with Alice’s full knowledge and approval.

She was so discreet she even hated people to mention her relationship with the King a quarter-century after his death, and she was the only person who could bring him out of the black moods he often fell into.

These traits made Queen Alexandra actually fond of her, thus smoothing what could otherwise have been an extremely difficult relationship: His Majesty insisted on having Alice in his entourage practically everywhere he went.

When he was dying in May of 1910 he asked for her to come to his deathbed, but apparently that was too much for the Queen; as soon as he lost consciousness she ordered the doctors to get rid of Alice, who reacted with uncharacteristic loss of composure.

She became so upset and hysterical, in fact, that she had to be removed by the guards; from that point on she was no longer welcome at court.

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