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So what right does CIGNA have in contradicting my own medical doctors recommendation? Do you have other cases like mine where they are wrongfully non supportive of my claim?

Karla, your situation with CIGNA is typical conduct for a disability insurance company.

A majority of the Cigna disability denials come when the definition of disability changes from “own-occupation” to the “inability to perform any gainful occupation”.

Most Cigna denial letters will state that the claim has been denied as a result of “a lack of objective evidence”.

On a daily basis our disability attorneys speak with individuals that either have been denied disability benefits by Cigna or are concerned that their Cigna disability claim will be denied.

Numerous federal ERISA disability lawsuits are filed against Cigna on a weekly basis due to their unreasonable claim denials.

The first requests for information from myself as well as from my physician was requested and received by me and my physician Jan. Finally on Feb 7th CIGNA approved my benefit for STD payment only through to the 7th of Feb. I am on Loritabs 3X daily, Oxycodone as needed for more severe pain that can’t be controlled by the Loritab, Maxalt when needed, which I average 1 to 2 times daily, meaning that I have constant headaches daily, with the pain moving to a 8 or 10 on a scale of 1-10.

I have been told that my blood is too thick as well as a severe vitamin D deficiency.

Cigna, a publicly traded company and the parent company of Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA) is one of the world’s largest Group ERISA long-term disability insurance companies.The only thing you can do at this point is to continue to send in every single medical record you have and call the carrier every day for a status.If your claim is denied, then you will have the right to file an appeal and then sue them.and denied me LTD due to not enough medical info to support my claim regardless of further testing being scheduled to determine the etiology of my pain.I have been unable to stand or walk for any significant amout of time and still have severe low back pain. Cigna stated that MRI done on 12/9/10 was unremarkable even though it did show a re herniation of disc that was involved in surgery.

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