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Two target zones with areas of approximately one square mile were selected to apply the DDACTS concept to reduce crime and improve the traffic safety in the area.

Crime data and crash data was extracted from the Record Management System and used to develop DDACTS products to direct resource allocation and enforcement operations.

Site selection is difficult because Randolph Air Force Base imaginary surfaces completely overlap There are two tools that the Corporation Commission uses more than others to keep track of oil and gas well locations over time, across the state: historical aerial photos and Li DAR.

By showing us how a well site’s condition progressed over time, historical aerial photos allow us to track leaks, spills and potential pollution and find the correct responsible party for pollution cases.

During May 2013 the Norman Police Department applied department resources to an identified accident hotspot area along 12th Ave which resulted in a significant decrease in the crashes experienced for the month and also had an observable reduction in crime in the surrounding to plan, respond, and recover from disasters originates from GIS software and data.

Collection and distribution of key information occurs during each phase of the response process. This presentation will highlight some of the systems, data, and processes Oklahoma City has in place to help staff respond to an event like the May 2013 tornado and flooding outbreak.

However, in other cases deeper water wells and portions of aquifers have become polluted.The current DDACTS program has been successful in reducing crime and has shown to have an impact on traffic accidents in the areas of high visibility enforcement.The City of Norman experienced a 20% crime decrease in Larceny from Vehicle from 2011 to 2012.To meet the mandatory dicamba training requirement for applications in Kentucky, individuals must attend a training session that has been approved by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA).These training sessions will be presented by University of Kentucky weed scientists or by the registrants who market these dicamba products.

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