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I always thought "what is she doing on her birthday, is she out at the movies with her friends, with family.Is she reading our newspaper article about our party for this girl who is missing?Never forgotten: The Nurse family - including three more children, Cassidy, Joshua and Micah - celebrated Zephany's birthday each year in her absence, in the hope that one day she might return to them Celeste smiles, 'When I saw her for the first time I saw myself, I thought "that’s my twin sitting there". Zephany cried, she didn’t know what was going to happen, for her it’s quite a lot to take in.'When Cassidy came home and told me about his girl at school, and how they felt about each other - they really had an incredible connection went along to see who she was talking about and I knew straight away that it was my child It is understood the woman, who cannot be identified, had suffered a stillbirth shortly before snatching Zephany, whom she was able to breastfeed and pass off as her own, never confessing the truth to a soul - not even her own husband.Anguish: Father Morne has also revealed he blamed his ex-wife Celeste for allowing his daughter to be taken for many years after the birth - with the pain only stopping once his second daughter was born Morne added: 'The community is angry, extremely angry, this has happened under their noses.hahaha So we ploughed through the 330km of smooth as silk roadway to Rostock; a harbor town on the north-eastern border of Germany.We have a 6 hour ferry ride that leaves at 4.45 from Rostock to the Swedish port of Trelleborg, typical of our African nature we think we have to be early …

the ferry is 200m long and 30m wide, it has 3.3km of lanes for road vehicles and 1.1km of train track … As we sat in position two of the “larger than standard” lane we watched a train being shunted into the back of the ferry … rows of goods carriages stacking alongside and then above …Powderhorn, which has been in the hunting and fishing business for decades, is sponsoring its first coyote contest. 18 to March 12, and awards cash prizes for hunters who bring in the largest coyote, as well as the largest cumulative weight...A fairly early start out of Berlin today, sad farewell to our southern compatriots Rae and Gary …but we will meet again, on NZ land of islands or SA land of Jacob the Indian.It’s a crawl of traffic from the outskirts of Berlin and along the ring road that skirts just north of the city and, as soon as we can, we climbed onto the wide speedway, and let the Landy have its way with the broad road …

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