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You may optionally update this value according to platform-specific events that may be raised on i OS or Android if the user updates their language preferences while the app is running.

The implementations for the dependency service is provided below for each platform, along with additional platform-specific requirements to ensure localized text is rendered correctly.

Adding new translatable strings requires the addition of a new XML Typically, the actual translation of the default text strings won't happen until large chunks of the application have been written (in which case the default RESX file will contain lots of strings).

It is still a good idea to add the language-specific resources early in the development cycle, optionally populating with machine-translated text to help test the localization code.

Clicking "create map" creates the map with the selected markers.

This screenshot shows a solution containing language-specific resource files: As an application is developed and the base RESX file has text added, you should send it out to translators who will translate each var my Label = new Label (); var my Entry = new Entry (); var my Button = new Button (); // populate UI with translated text values from resources my Label. Add this code to your app (early in the app lifecycle) and it will list all the resources embedded in the assembly, showing the full resource identifier: using System. // NOTE: use for debugging, not in released app code! Get Manifest Resource Names()) Android Build and ensure that the Fast assembly deployment is NOT ticked.The samples target English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese languages.Applications can be translated into as few or as many languages as required. Forms PCL application is adding the RESX resource files that will be used to store all the text used in the app.App Resources) followed by a period (.) and then the language code. Here is a screenshot showing the UI on each platform prior to translation: It can be tricky to switch the simulator or a device to different languages, particulary during development when you want to test different cultures quickly.Simple examples include: The general pattern is to use two-letter language codes, but there are some examples (such as Chinese) where a different format is used, and other examples (such as Brazilian Portuguese) where a four character locale identifier is required. You can force a specific language to be loaded by setting the class – can also be used to implement a language-selector inside your app (rather than using the device's locale).

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We need to add a RESX file that contains the default text, and then add additional RESX files for each language we wish to support.

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