Who was dating tupac when he died who kourtnay kardashian is dating

We were speeding, maneuvering through the traffic—I just got caught up in the moment.

We got back to the Strip and I saw that Suge went up on the curb.

We had tickets to go the fight but at the last minute, we decided to sell them.

We figured that it was going to be another quick Mike Tyson knockout.

He’d been shot before, so you just hope he makes it. He said they were done with it and was sending it back to me.

It was a night he would remember for the rest of his life.One of the officers came back, stood me up, took the handcuffs off me, and said, “You’re free to go.”It was about in the morning by time I got back to my hotel. I told him how the police jacked me up, then let me go.I walk back into the casino and my friend is still at the same table I left him at. I’m still kind of panicked or whatever, from just being a part of the situation.A couple minutes later, while we’re still there, I get a tap on my shoulder.I look back, and it’s the same police officers that pulled me out of the car. When we got there I saw a couple other guys there—a guy from [Tupac’s crew] the Outlawz and the security guard who was driving the Lexus.

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It made a wide U-turn right in the middle of the street and started following Suge.

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