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In 1938, when she was 23, Sister Rosetta left her husband and moved to New York City along with her mother.After relocating to New York, Sister Rosetta recorded for the first time and all four of her songs–“That’s All,” “The Lonesome Road,” “My Man,” and “Rock Me”–were instant hits.The songs were recorded for Decca Records and backed by Lucky Millinder’s jazz orchestra.Those were the first gospel songs ever recorded by Decca.We saw ourselves coming to the end of what we were, and we wanted to become something new.”Crossing between love, gender, sexuality and religion, and singing in solidarity with the innocent, persecuted, oppressed and threatened, Ezra Furman has soundtracked the current fear and loathing across America like no other, while pushing ahead with his own agenda, always on the move.Sister Rosetta Tharpe the godmother of rock ’n’ roll, albeit recalled of one of the top 10 musicians of the 20th century she is one of the least known.

Yet during her lifetime, she was rarely praised for her perseverance and her ability to break through any gender, musical, religious, or racial barriers.

The church was founded by Charles Harrison Mason in 1894. When she was 19, Tharpe married a COGIC preacher, Thomas Thorpe, who accompanied Rosetta and her mother on their frequent tours.

The marriage lasted barely four years, and she married several times after that, but Rosetta adapted her first husband’s name as her stage name and performed as Sister Rosetta Tharpe for the rest of her life.

The album will find Joan Wasser at her rawest, most pensive and even her most free—she maintains her timeless melodies but couples them with experimental percussive elements, which she programs with the help of drummer Parker Kindred. I can comfortably say that music has saved my life and continues to save my life. It’s not something I can even choose or not choose it’s just what is.” …

Her fifth album ‘Damned Devotion’ Joan As Police Woman delves deeper into the emotional subjects she’s never been afraid to address in the first place.

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Heavier than anything they’ve ever done and broken into 4 distinct sections, it’s new ground for a band that’s been pushing the boundaries of “fuzz and wah” since its formation in 1990.

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