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“We think it’s some of the strongest music we’ve ever done.We really love the overall sound of the album and having Alex [Lifeson] play on it is just incredible. Described by Joan Wasser as "punk rock R&B" and "American soul music," Joan as Police Woman combines two of the biggest influences on her music: classic soul such as Al Green and Nina Simone and the rougher experimental sounds of Sonic Youth and Bad Brains. Billie’s Bounce ‘Damned Devotion’ is the brand new album from Joan As Police Woman, which sees a return to the darker, sensual sound of her celebrated early releases and finds Joan Wasser at her rawest yet. The album will find Joan Wasser at her rawest, most pensive and even her most free—she maintains her timeless melodies but couples them with experimental percussive elements, which she programs with the help of drummer Parker Kindred. I can comfortably say that music has saved my life and continues to save my life. It’s not something I can even choose or not choose it’s just what is.” … Her fifth album ‘Damned Devotion’ Joan As Police Woman delves deeper into the emotional subjects she’s never been afraid to address in the first place.Way before Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis and at a time when the guitar was linked to men and gospel music was purely religious, Sister Rosetta Tharpe managed to outplay many men with her guitar and to attract large audiences with her gospel-based lyrics, accompanied by secular-sounding music.

After relocating to New York, Sister Rosetta recorded for the first time and all four of her songs–“That’s All,” “The Lonesome Road,” “My Man,” and “Rock Me”–were instant hits.Also included are two long standards from the October 1957 session by Mingus’ Jazz Workshop. In honour of this shift, his backing band has been newly christened: The Boy-Friends are dead, long live The Visions.Includes 16-page booklet with rare photos and the original as well as updated liner notes.1. In other words, the man who embodies the title of his last album ‘Perpetual Motion People’ is still on the move…Her distinct style, lyrics inspired by gospel and music with a secular sound, were two things that weren’t “supposed to mix.” However, secular audiences enjoyed Tharpe’s music.On several occasions, she performed with the Jordanaires, a white singing group.

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