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It was our favorite spot where we sipped our favorite martinis.

But then things became more real when you brought up what happened between us the last year.

It started with a different night when you approached me with a drink in hand and inquired about life.

I thought nothing of this exchange and expected to go on my merry way until you came up to me again and asked to meet me the following week to “catch up”.

A time when i thought you didn’t love me…and i was happy…For instance , a close friend can notify you that men and women online can easily lie regarding who many people are.

As one poet has said,"dating is a dangerous game, temptation should be its name!

It includes sexual touching, lustful behaviour & even what we look at.

An elderly couple gets caught with two containers of yogurt which is over the allotted 3.4 ounces of liquid allowed through the check point.

Take me back to that night before i knew the inconvenient truth.

Scruff, which leans just a touch toward the “bear”—or husky, hirsute—crowd, has started helping host parties and Pride events across the planet.

From the French Alps to New Delhi, it’s encouraging revelers to use gayness as an entry point through which they can traipse to faraway places.

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