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"What a time it was - with so few friends to turn to..." The 1st Battalion Rhodesian Light Infantry was formed on the 1st February 1961.

In its short existence, spanning only 19 years, this fully airborne commando unit carved a reputation as one of the world's foremost proponents of counter-insurgency warfare.

CGM, tapiolite, wodginite and ixiolite accommodate minor and trace elements at the sub-ppm to weight-percent level.

Trace elements are incorporated in TNO in a systematic fashion, e.g.

The composition of TNO related to rare-element pegmatites is rather different from rare-metal granites: the latter have high REE and Th concentrations, and low Li and Mg.

Pegmatite-hosted TNO are highly variable in composition, with types poor in REE, typical of LCT-family pegmatites, and types rich in REE — showing affinity for NYF-family or mixed LCT–NYF pegmatites.

Geochronological data produced for CGM from ore districts are discussed together with the respective ore mineralogy and minor and trace element geochemistry of TNO to reconsider the geodynamics of pegmatite formation.

In Africa, formation of rare element-bearing pegmatites and granites is related to syn- to late-orogenic (e.g., West African Craton, Zimbabwe Craton), post-orogenic (Kibara Belt, Damara Belt, Older Granites of Nigeria, Adola Belt of Ethiopia) and anorogenic (Younger Granites of Nigeria) tectonic and magmatic episodes.

Msasa Enterprises are producers of fine quality historic audio-visual material from the Southern African region.

Tantalum, an important metal for high-technology applications, is recovered from oxide minerals that are present as minor constituents in rare-metal granites and granitic rare-element pegmatites.

Columbite-group minerals (CGM) account for the majority of the current tantalum production; other Ta–Nb oxides (TNO) such as tapiolite, wodginite, ixiolite, rutile and pyrochlore-supergroup minerals may also be used.

Each period of Ta-ore formation is characterised by peculiar mineralogical and geochemical features that assist in discriminating these provinces.

Compositions of CGM are extremely variable: Fe-rich types predominate in the Man Shield (Sierra Leone), the Congo Craton (Democratic Republic of the Congo), the Kamativi Belt (Zimbabwe) and the Jos Plateau (Nigeria).

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