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As he drives up to Miller's home, he opens the front gate of the property and approaches the door. The office said Blu was 'an aggressive animal' who 'charged the deputy, attempted to attack him' and posed an 'evolving threat'Miller, however, said the officer overreacted and he was never in danger of being harmed by Blu.This week, he heads to Italian Eatery in Minneapolis for a fling with some Valentine's Day drinks.In my humble opinion and for my first impression, Karen Dreams is a hot babe with pretty nice perky tits and a tight ass, she used to be a shy girl some time ago, and all of her friends and boyfriends always tell her that she is graced with so nice body that it would be a crime that she wouldn't show it off, so, that's the way she goes. Initially, the Nye County Sheriff's Office issued a statement supporting the deputy. ' Miller replied'Well, he was barking and growling like he was coming to bite me,' the deputy said.

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