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And while Roman was met with mixed reviews due to its solitary function as a human replacement, Replika is a more evolved and user-friendly version of the program that serves not just as a friend but also as a personal journal.

Your chatbots live on the site and can chat independently with others."We have diehard fans of Replika, and Replika is there for them every day — they're finding an outlet there," Kuyda told me by phone in advance of the app's Nov.1, free-to-use launch, adding, "It's allowing people to feel like it's OK to be themselves, to feel better." And she's not exaggerating when she says that.Alongside Naked Security Lisa has written for CIO Mag, Computer World, PC Mag, IT Expert Voice, Software Quality Connection, Time, and the US and British editions of HP's Input/Output.On the day before Replika was officially made available to the public, more than 1.5 million people had already queued up on the app's waiting list, in addition to the several hundred thousand who had already been granted access as part of a beta testing program.

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