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I know this is bad but this option works like a charm although it's tedious and no fun.

To ease things, however, Apple does show you the apps that you've already installed.

If this doesn't happen automatically, you can follow these steps: If that solution doesn't work, see if you can borrow a friend or neighbor's Wi Fi service.

Take your i Phone/i Pod over to their home, log into their network, and see if you can get the download to resume.

Somehow the app update process got stuck until the next day.

Today, I rebooted my i Phone, and the i Phone apps finished updating themselves.

While we're not exactly sure as to what causes the problem, but there is an easy solution that does work.

That's precisely what we'll take a look at in this post.i Cloud Backup / Restore One of the earliest solutions is to restore your i Phone not via i Tunes but through i Cloud.

(Note: Since the i Phone, i Pod, and i Pad all use the same i OS operating system, these solutions will also work for waiting i Pad and i Pod apps.) Back to top The most popular solution I’ve seen (and the most-written about solution in the comments below) for the waiting i Phone app problem is to reboot your i Phone.

"Featured"), returned to the Touch home screen, entered App Store again, signed in, waited.

After a few minutes, when the activity indicator (next to the wifi strength indicator, top left) stopped, I went back to the home screen and the waiting app had gone.

If this doesn't work immediately, also try rebooting your i Phone while at their home, and see if that restarts the process.

Also, if you can't get internet access this way, try the free Wi Fi at a place like Starbucks, Mc Donald's, or many other coffee shops.

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Many thanks to a commenter named Graham for this possible solution.

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