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Today, hundreds of millions dwell in freedom, from the Baltic to the Adriatic, from the Western Approaches to the Aegean.And while we must never take this for granted, the first purpose of the European Union – to secure peace – has been achieved and we should pay tribute to all those in the EU, alongside NATO, who made that happen.A commitment to friendship and a resolve never to re-visit that dark past - a commitment epitomised by the Elysee Treaty signed 50 years ago this week. Healing those wounds of our history is the central story of the European Union.What Churchill described as the twin marauders of war and tyranny have been almost entirely banished from our continent.But first, I want to set out the spirit in which I approach these issues.

As we remember their sacrifice, so we should also remember how the shift in Europe from war to sustained peace came about. It happened because of determined work over generations. The knowledge that a great continent was coming together.And it’s true that our geography has shaped our psychology.We have the character of an island nation – independent, forthright, passionate in defence of our sovereignty. The fact is that ours is not just an island story – it is also a continental story.I never want us to pull up the drawbridge and retreat from the world. Some might then ask: why raise fundamental questions about the future of Europe when Europe is already in the midst of a deep crisis?Why raise questions about Britain’s role when support in Britain is already so thin.

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In Macerata, a city in central Italy where a week ago a far-right gunman with neo-Nazi sympathies wounded six African migrants in a drive-by shooting, there were fears the march could trigger violence.

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