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Previously she had borne three sons by two other fathers.(All the boys were raised by their fathers.) Dorothy, whom Victoria saw three times in her life (the last time when she was 15), died eight years ago.Last year (2014) Rowell took to Twitter to voice her opinion, saying “Young & Restless on air for 40 years, loyally watched by their absolute competitive-edge audience (blacks) & not one black Exec producer?

A Healthcare Consortium of Illinois investigator filed an order of protection against Brenda Edwards on Jan. READ MORE Justin Timberlake done pissed off yet another Black entertainer and this time it has nothing to do with Prince, nor the Super Bowl. Arie, is pissed off to the highest level of pissivity ?

Her own skin is light brown, but her blond, blue-eyed daughter looks as Caucasian as her father, Rowell’s estranged husband, Tom Fahey. A., and the stewardess assumed that Vicky was the nanny,” says Fahey.

“She refused to believe that Maya was her daughter.

Besides her Y&R role (last month she won an NAACP Image Award as Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama), she made her screen breakthrough as Eddie Murphy’s lobbyist girlfriend in The Distinguished Gentleman.

But Rowell’s route to the cusp of Hollywood celebrity was full of emotional trials.

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