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The Dr was very nice and the first visit all we did was chat about my history, I expressed concern over my exercise routines and whether they were affecting my cycles.He said it’s possible, but he didn’t think that was what was going on.

I probably would break down if I have to have another surgery, I don’t have the time off at work and it’s so effing expensive.

Now I have to wait ONE MORE MONTH to have yet another test done before he can decide a course of action.

He needs to check my tubes with a dye test and it has to be done within 7 days of your cycle starting, I think? All I know is I call them up and they tell me when to come in, that’s about all the effort I’m putting into this right now.

Jesus, I’m pretty sure I spent all my free time on the internet researching way’s to get knocked up.

Let me tell you if you love drama just join a birth club on Baby Center, those girls are cray.

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He did a sonogram and I found out my uterus lining was not very thick so I had to wait a month for my cycle to start and take a panel of blood work.

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