Blacks dating white women

What’s with the double standard and the disconnect?Actress and talk show host Tamera Mowry-Housley has openly spoken out about the criticism she faces as the wife of a white man.So when a Black women ends up with a white man, we are often looked at as not being able to "handle" the Black man, who is himself looked at as the strongest of any group of people.Mowry-Housley is not the only Black women in the media to be labeled as this.

Now, the question that I don't know the answer to is, is it up to us to change how we view these relationships or will those stigmas wither away when we no longer live under the cloud of white supremacy?

As a black woman myself, I took great interest in the topic. The article began with a question, “Why do Black athletes marry white women? This question was asked via Twitter by Redskins team member, Lyndon Antonio Trail.

Upon first reading it, my heart instantly dropped into my stomach.

Too many times I have seen this question and too many times I have seen the same answer.

As I ran a sweaty finger down the mouse wheel, the response- “the answer”- was revealed.

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